Work In Submission

  1. A Framework for Fairness in Two-Sided Marketplaces. (Preprint)
    (with Cyrus DiCiccio, Heloise Logan and Noureddine El Karoui)

  2. Scalable Assessment and Mitigation Strategies for Fairness in Rankings. (Preprint)
    (with Preetam Nandy, Amir Sepehri, Heloise Logan, Deepak Agarwal and Noureddine El Karoui)

  3. Optimal Convergence for Stochastic Optimization with Multiple Expectation Constraints. (Preprint)
    (with Preetam Nandy)

  4. Personalization and Optimization of Decision Parameters via Heterogenous Causal Effects. (Preprint)
    (with Ye Tu, Cyrus DiCiccio, Romil Bansal, Padmini Jaikumar, and Shaunak Chatterjee)

  5. Adaptive Rate of Convergence of Thompson Sampling for Gaussian Process Optimization. (Preprint)
    (with Souvik Ghosh)

Journal and Conference Publications

  1. A/B Testing in Dense Large-Scale Networks: Design and Inference. (Preprint)
    (with Preetam Nandy, Ye Tu, and Shaunak Chatterjee)
    In Proceedings of the 34th Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems, (NeurIPS 2020)

  2. ECLIPSE: An Extreme-Scale Linear Program Solver for Web-Applications (pdf)
    (with Amol Ghoting , Rahul Mazumder, and Yao Pan)
    In Proceedings of the 37th Annual International Conference on Machine Learning, (ICML 2020)

  3. Evaluating Fairness using Permutation Tests (pdf)
    (with Cyrus DiCiccio , Sriram Vasudevan, Krishnaram Kenthapadi, and Deepak Agarwal)
    26rd SIGKDD Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, (KDD 2020)

  4. Online Parameter Seletion for Web-Based Ranking (pdf)
    (with Deepak Agarwal, Souvik Ghosh , Ying Xuan, Yang Yang, and Liang Zhang )
    24rd SIGKDD Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, (KDD 2018)

  5. Permutation p-value approximation via generalized Stolarsky invariance (Preprint)
    (with Hera Yu He, Qingyuan Zhao and Art B. Owen)
    The Annals of Statistics, 2019, 47 (1) pp. 583 - 611

  6. Large-Scale Quadratically Constrained Quadratic Program via Low-Discrepancy Sequences. (pdf)
    (with Ankan Saha and Shaunak Chatterjee )
    Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS) 2017

  7. Quasi-Monte Carlo for an Integrand Singular along a Diagonal of the Square (pdf)
    (with Art B. Owen)
    Contemporary Computational Mathematics - A Celebration of the 80th Birthday of Ian Sloan, Springer. 2018, pp. 119 - 130.

  8. Asymptotic normality of scrambled geometric net quadrature (pdf)
    (with Rajarshi Mukherjee)
    The Annals of Statistics, 2017, 45 (4) pp. 1759 - 1788.

  9. Scrambled geometric net integration over general product spaces (pdf)
    (with Art B. Owen)
    Foundations of Computational Mathematics, 2017, 17 (2) pp. 467-496

  10. Transformations and Hardy Krause Variation (pdf)
    (with Art B. Owen)
    SIAM Journal of Numerical Analysis, 2016, 54 (3), pp. 1946-1966.

  11. Almost Empty Monochromatic Triangles in Planar Point Sets (pdf)
    (with Deepan Basu, Bhaswar Bhattacharya and Sandip Das)
    Discrete Applied Mathematics, 2016, 210, pp. 207-213.

  12. Quasi-Monte Carlo tractability of high dimensional integration over products of simplices (pdf)
    Journal of Complexity 2015, 31(6), pp. 817-834.

  13. Low discrepancy constructions in the triangle (pdf)
    (with Art B. Owen)
    SIAM Journal of Numerical Analysis 2015, 53(2), pp. 743-761.

  14. Tests for exponentiality against NBUE alternatives: a Monte Carlo comparison (pdf)
    (with M. Z. Anis)
    Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation 2014, 84(2), pp. 231-247.

  15. Receptor-Ligand Interaction at 5-HT3 Serotonin Receptors: A Cluster Perspective (pdf)
    (with Devleena Samanta , Shawn Joshi , Sheryl D. Baldwin , Amrita Jha , Malgorzata Dukat , Richard A. Glennon , and Purusottam Jena)
    Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 2014, 118 (37), pp 8471-8476.

  16. Recognition of similar shaped handwritten characters using Logistic Regression (pdf)
    (with Radhika Nangia and Umapada Pal)
    10th IAPR International Workshop on Document Analysis Systems (DAS) 2012, pp: 200-204.

  17. The exact null distribution of the generalized Hollander-Proschan type test for NBUE alternatives (pdf)
    (with M. Z. Anis)
    Statistics and Probability Letters 2011, 81(11), pp. 1733-1737.